First Timers

Come and try 40RTY – you’ll Love it!

Get ready for an unforgettable class!

Remember, all of our sessions are designed to be inclusive for all levels and abilities, so don’t worry!

Heres what to expect

Training Day

1. 10 minutes before your class

If possible try and arrive 10 minutes before your first session. Our instructor will be expecting you and will be there to show you around and briefly explain how it all works.

2. The demo and explanation

Before the class starts the instructor will take you through the circuit and demonstrate the exercises.

3. The warm-up

Before we dive into the main session the instructor will lead you through a gradual warm-up to get your mind and body ready.

4. Show time

The instructor will then start the timer, turn up the music and get the session going. They are always there to help, motivate and encourage you.

5. Cool down

Once it’s all over the instructor will help you stretch off and cool down. This is the time to relax and enjoy the buzz of your first session!

Choose your class

The widest variety of exercise types rolled into one session.

Think cardio machines, bodyweight exercises and resistance in neatly packed into a 40 min session.

These sessions mix equally resistance training and cardio work.

These are our newest sessions but they are quickly becoming a firm favourite with our members!