Alpha – al-fuh



ALPHA is our newest programme designed to get a person starting out in fitness going in the right direction.

It’s also fantastic for helping those that have been training for a while but have struggled to see changes or get the results they are looking for.

What’s it designed for?

Alpha will aid:

  • Fat loss/weight loss/body composition changes

  • Improving health, particularly after periods of ill health.

  • Building what’s called aerobic fitness

  • People returning to fitness or just starting out.

What Do You Get?


Your body takes in oxygen and uses it alongside nutrients to power everything you do. How well your body does this is a measure of your cellular health.

The test looks at various components such as your cardiovascular system, respiratory system, and your metabolism. It uses the data collected to accurately access your current level of health.

In addition, we use medical-grade sensors to ‘read’ the emissions from your body. “As your body uses fuel it gives off unique ‘exhaust’ emissions as it does this – we can read these to determine exactly how many calories you are using and where those calories are coming from – think fats and carbs.

This adds up to the gold standard in setting nutrition advice based on your unique physiology.

This test takes around 10 mins and simply involves lying down wearing the equipment.

This is suitable for everyone, regardless of age, fitness level or goal.


The second part is carried out on a piece of cardio equipment. We predominately use a Wattbike due to its accuracy. Another reason is that we have a dedicated bike area that people can then use with their programme – even when the main classes are running.

This stage helps us work out your current fitness levels and more importantly what energy systems your body is using at different intensities which is a keystone to making changes.

The difference between this and the full ramp test used in our AUXILLIUM programme is that for this we only need participants to go to a self-assessed 7 out of 10 effort level meaning it is suitable for all levels.

Our main goal here is to learn where a person’s ‘Zone 2’ begins and ends as this is a critical zone for improved fat metabolism, building cellular health, and is the foundation of a strong aerobic fitness base – something we can then build on later down the line.


We believe if you are going to seek nutritional advice it should come from a source of medical-level experience and accreditation. Too many online qualifications mean a lot of people can call themselves nutritionists without having a true understanding.

We don’t pretend to have all the answers when it comes to your diet so we bring in people that do. How you approach your nutrition is a key part of your health, performance and body composition so getting this right can make all the difference.

The plan you will receive is based on your unique test results and is the most personal and accurate way we have found to get this right.


We take the results from your initial questionnaire along with the data from the 2 tests to come up with a bespoke plan based on your goals, fitness levels and time restraints.

We believe that in the 20-plus years of working in this industry it is, without doubt, the most effective plan you could have as it is based on your unique physiology.

In a nutshell, it targets the areas that may be holding you back and is the surest way to both improve your health and boost your fitness.





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