our classes

We train together, we have fun together, but you decide your intensity level

All of our group training sessions here at 40RTY fall into the circuit training format. If that’s not familiar to you then let us explain what they are like and a little about how they work.

Each of our classes (we have lots and they change all the time) fall into slightly different categories – we have 5 and they are:

The widest variety of exercise types rolled into one session.

Think cardio machines, bodyweight exercises and resistance in neatly packed into a 40 min session.

The pace on these sessions is slower to allow you to really think about what yo are doing.

They use bodyweight exercises along side dumbbells, barbells and resistance bands to work, tone and strengthen muscles.

These sessions are designed to really work your cardiovascular system.

They are a great way to work up a sweat, burn a ton of kcals and make a massive improvement in your all round health.

These sessions mix equally resistance training and cardio work.

These are our newest sessions but they are quickly becoming a firm favourite with our members!

These sessions are similar to our cross training sessions but give participants the option to swap out the cardo component and use our punch bags instead.

The different categories are designed to compliment each other and we’d recommend mixing them up to make the biggest improvements to your fitness.

The class format is largely influenced by the style, but they are all similar in terms of layout.

When you come in for your session you will see the circuit set out in the main room (no other training goes on whilst the class is running). The instructor will run through how the circuit works, demonstrate the exercises and answer any questions you may have.

The number of the exercises and types varies by class style and session. Once the class starts you’ll get warmed up, then begin working through the exercises at the first station. You’ll then get a quick breather before moving to the next station.

You then just repeat this for the duration of the session. We very much encourage you to go at your own pace and we design the sessions so each exercise is for time rather than how many / much. These times vary from 20 to 40 seconds with short rest periods in between.

Don’t worry, we have very mixed fitness levels in all our sessions, even if you are a complete beginner you’ll be fine!