40RTY – A ‘how to’ guide

Written by Spence

29th December 2021

The training we do here at 40RTY can seem tough.  People often worry that they won’t be good enough or it will be too advanced for them.  That’s a mistake and I hope in the brief article below to help you plan your training so it’s at the right intensity and has you moving in the right direction towards your health, fitness and wellness goals.

The below is not definitive but it should serve as way to get going – please feel free to ask if anything is unclear.

Beginner – first 4 weeks

– Take part in 2 x main 40RTY group sessions each week ensuring they are spaced at least 2 days apart from each other.
– I would recommend beginners stick to the Cross Training sessions during this first 4 weeks.
– As you head into week 4 look to add a third group session or an additional Open gym session.
– Be careful to not push yourself too hard. The key to getting this right is allowing your body to recover and adapt to the exercise sessions. If you push too hard every time or fail to allow yourself adequate time to recover it will always feel hard and you will very often than not stop before seeing noticeable results.

Intermediate – 4 weeks+ of regular training.

– 2 to 3 varied 40RTY sessions each week – be sure to space them apart so you have at least 24 hours rest between – longer gaps would be even better.
– Aim to get one of the sessions to be a Resistance session OR complete an Open gym session on your own to include some resistance training.
– Look to vary the intensity of the sessions. By that we mean make one of the sessions each week the one you really push yourself on, the others are then performed at a lower exertion level. You get more by working at steady pace than you do by smashing yourself each time as it gives your body the chance to adapt and recover.

Advanced – 6 months+ of regular exercising.

– 3 to 4+ varied sessions per week to include open gym sessions to complement your group training.
– At this level you need to be planning your sessions based more on your goals than what days you have free. What you actually do will depend on your goals but as a minimum we’d be suggesting that people at this level complete 1 x extra open gym session to focus on resistance training and 1 x extra cardio type session such as on the bike / going for a run.
– As your fitness improves you need to also be monitoring your sessions. Some need to be hard, others deliberately lower in intensity. Consider using a heart rate monitor / Firstbeat Life etc to record what your body is doing and to make sure you are training where you need to be.

That’s it really – it’s obviously a fairly broad set of recommendations as everyone will have varying goals / fitness levels BUT the key thing is to take your time. People use the sort of training we do here at 40RTY in an almost punishing type of way. That is not fitness training in any shape of form and will lead to burnout, injuries and more often than not people giving up. Exercise is something that should test what the body is capable of but at the same time be sensible. Improvements come from the recovery and super adaption process, not from the training itself.

Please feel free to drop us a line or to ask if any of this is unclear – we are here to help if we can.

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