Give me 20 mins!

One of the most common excuses given for people not sticking to fitness goals is  their lack of time.
There are number of counter arguments a person could make to that i suppose – “make fitness your priority / if you wanted it enough you’d make time / you make time for other things” – etc etc.  But for some people the traditional advice of an hour of exercise several times a week can seem like a very large chunk of their spare time – not to mention so many people having complex work lives, family and pressures put on them from all manner of directions and i can fully understand how that prescription of exercise can seem a waste of time…
So – if time is an issue can you get effective results with less – say 20 mins – 5 days a week? I strongly believe that you can – it is how i have been training for the last 12 months and i’d say along with my fitness (aerobic) being better i am also in the same (if not better) shape i was when i dedicated 5 or 6 days a week to hour long+ sessions.
In fact the whole idea behind our circuit of the day YouTube sessions was to provide people with a short, intense workout that they could do with minimal kit. I challenge you to give it a try – lets say 6 weeks – 5 days a week 20 min sessions.
A few things to keep in mind

  1. Keep the intensity high – i use a myzone heart rate monitor to make sure i stay at a high work level – its easy to use and helps me to push when my mind is not focused
  2. Mix up what you do – have some sessions based around pure aerobic exercise – short powerful ruins etc and others focused on resistance – be that from your own body weight or by using dumbbells / weights etc
  3. Be strict with yourself – sometimes things WILL get in the way but don’t toss it all away just because you feel you can’t do the full 20 mins – ANY amount is better than nothing so just do what you can.
  4. Keep a log – note down things like sets / reps or times etc – this keeps you moving forward and can help show just how far you have come
  5. Choose things you like – can’t stress this enough – you have to at  least be able to tolerate the types of exercises you do – simply trying to force yourself to do things you hate is simply not going to work 🙂

We do however feel although it can be fun to do random exercises every session – the most effective blend of this type of training we’ve found has been to try a COD 3 to 4 times before moving to another – so lets say you come in on Monday and day COD ‘X’ – don’t then do COD ‘Y’ the next Monday – do ‘X’ again and see if you can improve. This means you get to feel the achievement of progressing but change before the body stops adapting or you start getting bored. Download a free 4 week progress sheet here: 4 week COD progress sheet
Take the challenge – we think it will transform how you train!!


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